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Israeli citizens call for international action to stop Gaza bombardment

Posted in Uncategorized by pifactory on January 11, 2009

ISRAELI citizens have written to foreign ambassadors calling for international action to stop the bombardment of Gaza, adding “Israel has returned to openly committing war crimes, worse than what we have seen in a long time”.

A call from within is signed by more than 500 — and growing — Israelis living in Israel, including well-known artists and academics.

“Israel’s destructive criminal policy will not cease without a massive intervention by the international community,” says the letter.

“However, except for some rather weak official condemnation, the international community is reluctant to intervene,. The United States openly supports the Israeli violence and Europe, although voicing some condemnation, is unwilling to seriously consider withdrawing the “gift” it handed Israel by upgrading its relations with the European Union.

“In the past the world knew how to fight criminal policies. The boycott on South Africa was effective, but Israel is handled with kid gloves: its trade relations are flourishing, academic and cultural cooperation continue and intensify with diplomatic support.

“This international backing must stop. That is the only way to stop the insatiable Israeli violence.

“We are calling on the world to stop Israeli violence and not allow the continuation of the brutal occupation. We call on the world to Condemn and not become an accomplice in Israel’s crimes.”

Klein backs call for boycott of Israeli goods

Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine and No Logo argues for a boycott of all Israeli goods in The Nation.

“It’s time. Long past time. The best strategy to end the increasingly bloody occupation is for Israel to become the target of the kind of global movement that put an end to apartheid in South Africa,” she writes.

For more detail on the world response to calls for a boycott of all Israeli goods see Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions for Palestine.


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